String instrument repairs: 
Nut replacement Price includes job and parts
String instrument / bone€25.00
String instrument / plastic€15.00
Saddle replacementPrice includes job and parts
String instrument (including bouzouki) / bone€30.00
String instrument / plastic€15.00
Fret board repairsPrice includes job and parts
Fret replacement by one€10.00
Fret replacement – all€120.00
Fret dressGrind & Polish Existing Frets, Set-Up Included€60.00
Head stock reattachmentPrice includes job and parts 
Fresh break€40.00*
Glued previously€60.00**
 *Extra €40.00 for ‘invisible’ repair
**Extra charge if the head stock has been glued previously with non luthier glue – price by request
Bridge reattachment 
Classical guitar€40.00
Acoustic guitar€40.00
*Extra charge if bridge has been glued previously with non luthier glue – price by request
Body repairs 
Cracks between lines of bouzouki/mandolin€10.00(each)
Crack repair on guitarestimate
Any paint jobestimate
Heat Press : This device can, in some cases, correct neck relief and twist problems.€60.00
Dots – Addition of ‘dot’ markers€25.00
Violin repair 
Bridge Adjustment€20.00
Bridge Replacement€20.00+Bridge
Peg Fitting€8.00+peg
Violin Screw Replacement€1.00+Screw
Sound post reset€10.00
Pick up 
Replacement on el. guitar€50.00+parts
Installation on ac. / cl. guitar€30.00+parts
Basic rewiring electric or bass guitar€50.00+parts
Extra for push/pull  / super switch  /  special req. €20.00/estimate
Machine heads 
Replacement (fits)machine heads only
Replacement (refill, drill for new placement)€25.00+parts
pick up placement /€20.00+parts
Xylophone/metallophone (small) 
Pin replacement€1.00 each pin
Felt replacement€40.00 per instrument
Xylophone/metallophone (large) 
Pin replacement€2.00 each pin
Felt replacement€50.00  per instrument
Xylophone/metallophone (marimba size) 
Pin replacementprice by request
Felt replacementprice by request

*Rush Service Available for Some Jobs at a 30% Surcharge* by special request only